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Think. Design. Deliver.

We analyze space, create concepts, and implement communication solutions – from sculptural landmarks to digital displays, wayfinding sign systems, murals and graphics. We strive to help people make sense of their physical environment, whether a single interpretive exhibit, or an expansive college campus.

Why 96pt.?

Much of our work involves messaging in words. Since typography is measured in points, we like to think of “96 points” as a typographic bridge between printed communications and architecturally sized signs. Our work spans both worlds.

Teamwork is key.

Twenty years of collaboration with landscape architects, architects, interior designers, art consultants, sign fabricators, print vendors, and end users has provided us with a wide breadth of challenging and creative experiences and solutions for corporate, residential, educational, and health care projects.

In a nutshell . . .

We enjoy problem solving, unscrambling complicated places and spaces, and simply helping people find their way.

96pt. is Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certified.